What’s Been Happening?

 Apparently, there are a number of bird watchers/ lovers in my midst.  It blessed me to “hear” from several of you and to watch the previous blog post get distributed, then redistributed, then… Thank you!    On top of all of that, as if the Lord said, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet,” the first red-breasted robin visited us soon after I published my last post!    Here he is, courtesy of http://www.encyclopedia.com.

The youngest will make Apologia’s “smart suet” this weekend so that we can see what else likes our yard.   I have a feeling that, given the weather we’re having, what will eat most of the suet is ants.

For the few of you who follow this blog regularly, you know that I’ve not been here in almost two weeks.    Things have been crazy, to say the least, and time to pen my thoughts has been non-existent.   Then, with my laptop already (and unexplainably) unable to connect to the Internet, our desktop  computer caught a virus, and we were severely limited in our ability to connect with all the folks in cyberspace.   It was a stark reminder of how plugged-in we are as a family.    Thankfully, we had everything back in a matter of days, with 5 people then lined up to accomplish all those online tasks that, left undone, gave us the shakes.    Restoring computers after a repair is painful–every password (even the ones that I don’t remember!), every favorite, and every bookmark had to be reset.  Yet, praise God for technology that works.   Personally, I have three posts in draft stage–I’ve got lots to say!

We’ve had other life events occur as well.    As I mentioned before, February begins our competition season.   Our older two’s first outing was at the end of February.    This year’s ballet costume, I think, is absolutely beautiful.

BTW, our daughter has on this much make-up because of what stage lights do to the face.

This is her on a normal day.     Of course, I think she’s the loveliest teen on the planet.   Apparently, at least one young man thinks the same, and he has asked her dad if he can escort her to one of the area’s homeschool proms.    There are three–can you believe that?!     While we pick out dress patterns and discuss potential hairstyles, I am fighting a mild bit of depression and angst as I realize that she’s my not-so-little girl anymore.    I speak quite often about college, but it’s still far enough out there that I feel good about advanced planning.   But the prom.    The prom.    I still remember my own proms.   I still remember my dresses, where we ate, and my dates–Marcus Mitchell (11th grade), and Marvin ? (12th grade).    I’m struggling with her growing up.   Oh, saints, I covet your prayers.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening?

  1. I was just saying to my husband that he should face the fact that there will be tears this year. My oldest dd just turned 10, my oldest son turns 21 this Spring and I start my last year in my 30’s this June. I can not believe how fast they grow up.
    The ballet costumes are sooooo beautiful. My youngest was just promoted to ballet II because of overcrowding in her former class. She has a bit of a learning curve but the director and teacher feel that she is more than capable in making this move.

  2. Those costumes are beautiful!

    It would be hard to have computers under repair…..and both at once, no less!

    I was watching a group of robins in our yard on Sunday. I’m amazed at how they seem able to know just where those worms are under that grass and dirt. I hope they only eat the grubs and leave the good worms for my garden.

    I’ve been doing some premarital counseling with my BFF’s daughter whom I’ve known since she was 4 yo. It really makes one realize how quickly they grow up.

  3. I think those are beautiful dance dresses as well.

    We’re in the midst of baby goat season at our house! I may not have my blog spot anymore, but I’ll have pictures at The Homeschool Lounge. Are you on there?

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