OT: Starting a Home-Based Business, Pt. 1

For those of you who are considering adding yet another item to your full plates (though this is a potentially lucrative addition), you might be interested in my recent article on Heart of the Matter regarding starting your own home-based business.   Enjoy and be blessed!

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3 thoughts on “OT: Starting a Home-Based Business, Pt. 1

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and just told my husband we need to be diligently praying together about our next business opportunity, as we’ve started two businesses together in the past with minimal financial success. I’ve been reading the Duggar’s book as well on their ability, with the Lord’s leading, on taking care of their large family debt free. Very encouraging! Now reading your blog ….. God must be speaking something to me. Hmm

  2. Your daughter’s hair is beautiful. When I’m ready to join the natural hair journey I’ll look up your hair entries in your archives. Have you ever tried Carol’s Daughter products?

    OBTW…. regarding your comment on my blog regarding studying the Ancients. No we haven’t. We only started homeschooling 2nd semester of my oldest daughter’s 7th grade year. Even though MFW has a 9th grade Ancient History curriculum I decided to bypass it to go into the World History curriculum. Just can’t fit Ancient into the 4 year high school plan. I will probably visit that time in history with the younger two.

    1. Hey, Sherri. Yes, I used Carol’s Daughter for the first 1-1/2 years on my girls (before I decided to go natural). My oldest’s hair loved it, but it wasn’t as effective on the youngest’s hair. When I found Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp Conditioner, it worked for my youngest and for me, not as effective on the oldest. But, its detangling power kept my youngest from screaming as I combed her hair, which was the overwhelming winner for this product. Since I can’t afford $40 in conditioners, I stayed with Oyin and found something else for the oldest. Also, Carol’s Daughter’s product line has suffered some as her popularity increased; I’m glad we made the switch. The oldest’s hair feels even better with the two conditioners I listed. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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