The Wind of Change (to my Door Decor, that is)

We didn’t get the rain, but instead lasted through the windy side of Lee.   When I say windy, I mean wwwwiiiiiiiinnnnnddddddy.    The last of the fake flowers that had become little more than a hiding place for the occasional lizard fell off the wreath that hung on our door.    On a day when I was already feeling rather melancholy, it looked like yet another thing that went wrong for me.    So when I saw Amy Bayliss’s post introducing the “You Made a Wreath out of What?” challenge (including a wreath she made of shower curtains–no foolin’!!), I saw it as a sign.    How very timely!     So I discarded the eyesore old flowers and  thought about how I might use this foundation to create something new.


It occurs to me how attractive this wreath is on its own as I looked at it, but with an off-white door and off-white paint around the front of the house, I’ll take any opportunity to add a spruce of color.     I searched through a number of links that were included in the wreath challenge.   Here are just a few from some ladies out there who put the “C” in creativity.

Easter Dollar-Store Wreaths

 More Wreaths (baby shower, last name, naked)

Paper bags

Coffee Filter Wreath, Coffee filter projects


When I saw this last link, I knew just what to do with the 159 extra coffee filters I had to buy for a 1-coffee-filter science experiment.  So I got started.

This little beauty was the result of folding the filters twice, perhaps with a little balling up to beforehand to give them a more natural, less uniformed appearance.   The brown flower in the middle is a lunch bag, traced from the coffee filters and then put through the same test.


The berry/ pinecone accessory above made me think about our recent Apologia Zoology 1 (Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day) studies and what we learned about nest-building materials–string, cloth, leaves, twigs, grass, etc.   So, in looking around the house and some unused knicknacks I’d bought over the years, I put this assemblage together.  (So proud of myself that I was creative enough to pull out a dinner napkin!).


The girls thought the coffee filters didn’t match this grouping, so my bouquet became a temporary table centerpiece.     With their feedback, some dust blown from the creative part of my brain, a few twist ties, and a pair of scissors later, I came up with this beauty:

Doesn’t she just scream, “Welcome!”

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