Why I Write

‘When I sit in front of the keys and share my heart — whether funny or serious or in pictures or raw or simply conversational — it helps me understand my own heart.’
Rachel Marie Martin
I cannot remember who led me to this excerpt from a blog post, but the words resonated deeply within me at the time.
While I’ve neglected my blog in the last two weeks, I have been crazy busy elsewhere, writing and completing some necessary training for work.   There are a number of changes occurring in my life now, primarily in my professional life, but the one thing I cling to is the sufficiency of God’s grace.
As the business grows and takes a different direction, I set out in this year to become far more savvy with social media tools than I currently am.    In the effort to be fruitful (there’s my word again), I want to take my use of Twitter and Facebook and make them work for me in the original intent that made me subscribe.
I’ve also been reading a lot about blogging.   I made up my mind to be far more present on my blog, although the goal has always been to post at least twice per week; I just rarely met my goal, and I don’t remember ever exceeding it.   At any rate, the thing is, I don’t want to just blog for blogging’s sake, although there is some value in frequent posting for a small business.   Blogging offers a search engine fresh content, as opposed to a website that doesn’t change as frequently.   What I want, however, is to write my heart.   So I’m reading more about purpose, mission and ministry, trends within my posts, and thinking through what ideas wake me up in the night.   But, hey, what blogger doesn’t want to increase her hits, right?    Therein lies the quandary.   And my decision is that I’d rather give a few readers something real to read than bask in the glory of a search engine putting me toward the top of the list.
I don’t write because I necessarily have something life-altering to say.   I don’t write because I’m always crazy, fun, or charismatic enough to hold someone’s constant attention, although I can be any or all of those at any given time.    This is the one reason that I write:
to claim victory through Christ as a healthy and whole Black woman who ministers to my husband of 20 years and our 3 homeschooled children.  
That is a mouthful for me.   It means that my blog…
  • must glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • chronicles my never-ending discoveries, and application, of those lifestyle  changes that help me feel better physically and emotionally in carrying out all that I do.
  • builds up my family (even through infrequent rants constructive criticism)
  • defies negative racist and sexist stereotypes while acknowledging all the “real” that is me
  • comes against the attack of the devil on the battlefields of marriage and family
  • encourages and inspires other parents who choose to educate their children at home

 Now as the purpose grows ever clearer, hopefully, I’ll do a better job with consistency in the months to come.   Be blessed.

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