5 Summer Seeds to Reap in the Fall

So, what does a woman do after lamenting that she hasn’t used her time well?   She makes plans.

I’ve done a number of things in the last week, and I’m in a much better place than when I last wrote.   One of those items is to begin planning our homeschool year.

I love planning.   I love it the way some women love shoes.   But I also recognize that, especially for the newest of home educators, that task can be overwhelming.   In fact, it might be easier just to buy a packaged curriculum and let it do all the planning for you.   Good luck with that.

For those who are looking for ways to build a foundation now that will yield solid results (notice I didn’t use words like ‘spectacular,’ ‘tremendous,’ or even ‘great’–solid is longer-lasting) in the months to come, you might want to check out my The End in Mind article this month on planting 5 summer seeds.   May it bless you.

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4 thoughts on “5 Summer Seeds to Reap in the Fall

  1. How are you? I love the pic of the planning sheets. Did you make them or buy them? It is 103 degrees and extremely humid in the midwest, so…I’m HOT! If I could figure out how to blog from my phone, I would start back. I miss it so much.

    1. Hey, sis! I actually found a free picture on Bing images, so I didn’t make or buy these myself. In the effort to continuously improve, I sometimes “shop” for pictures where none that I have fit; that shot is a 1000-word replacement, I hear!

  2. I love planning too. We are thinking about starting back to school sooner rather than later. The heat is killing us and we would rather be inside pressed against our one little window unit A/C.
    Blessings friend,

    1. If I could start late in July, I would. This heat has been unbearable, and the kids, though they might balk a bit, would love the early release in spring next year. Yet, that would not give me enough time to get it together, and I want to sit in on the Heart of the Matter Conference without having to catch sessions between school. We will begin in (fairly) early August, though, and of course, we’ve continued math and reading all summer long. Blessings!

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