With 2 Days to Go…(Our school in 2012-2013)



2 days to go.

We are exactly that far away from the beginning of our school year.  Where, oh, where did our summer break go? 

I have most of our plans in order, but I’m definitely behind where I like to be by this time in the summer.    The biggest deterrent to finalizing anything is that there are a few life/school changes that will impact us at home.   I won’t know the full impact for a couple of weeks.   

I reluctantly have to release the oldest more and more into the hands of others as her college load dictates.   I felt it most when I handed her a women’s devotional that was given to me years ago.   You see, normally we have Bible study/ devotion as a family, even including Dad when he’s here.    Because of the various schedules and speeds of getting started in the morning, Bible study was, more often than not, our finish to the school day rather than our beginning.   To add to that, sadly in this past school year Bible study was sometimes rushed or missed altogether in order to get the kids to dance, or deliver me to an evening of working with my “big kids,” (i.e., college students), or transport hubby to the airport.   I stand determined not to position us in that way again, so I moved Bible study back to the 1st thing in the morning.    However, there are days when the oldest won’t join us until later in the day, and then for only a brief moment before she leaves to help build the coordination of budding 3-4 ballerinas.   So, we will move forward without her at our table on several days.  Oh, Lord give me strength.

Our son’s routine is perhaps the least subject to change.   At his request, we will add Swahili to his studies, and he will study medieval history.   I’m very excited about his reading list (still in development, so don’t hang your proverbial hat on the “Curriculum” page just yet!)    I think he’s going to thoroughly enjoy The Once and Future King and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.    I’m anxious to dialogue with him about the differences of the way Homer depicts his epic heroes versus Virgil.   He has such great insights on his books, often shared in the evenings while dishes are being washed (which tells me he’s thinking about what he read–YAY!!) and I love to hear them.    Prayerfully, our change of science texts and a return–at least in part–to living books and nature study will give him a better experience with Biology than the oldest had.

Our youngest, a 4th grader, will return to her studies, with a few tweaks of mine as well as a number of changes that are largely of her own design.   As I’ve shared before, she has some valid reasons as to why she is not having the same kind of fun experience that the older two had during their elementary years.   However, when she began to discuss how “we” could make school more fun, the conversation I wanted to have was about attitudes and unrealistic expectations.   But I was able to bite my tongue halfway through my speech and then say in the spirit of partnership and buy-in, “Will you write down for me a list of what changes you’d like to see, and maybe we can add some items to what I had planned?”    (I’ll pat myself on the back for that one!!)     Well, a week later, I’ve still not gotten the list, which I fully intend to use as a teachable moment when the opportunity comes again to discuss what’s missing.   I know she’s working on it, but also hesitant to write down any plans that might solicit a “no” response; I’ll have to process that when my brain is not as fuzzy.   In the meantime, what she did get a lot of energy around was giving us school colors and a mascot.  

We are now the Bullard BEARS, with a silver, lavender, and navy flag.

She has now at least begun to have her comparative discussion using the term ‘traditional’ school versus our school.    That ‘what regular schools do’ drove me nuts.

I still need to round out reading lists.

I still need to check planners and be sure that the kids actually have something on their schedules for the 1st day.


Lord, please smile down on the BEARS.

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9 thoughts on “With 2 Days to Go…(Our school in 2012-2013)

  1. Great post, It is always interesting/exciting to hear about the start of the school year for others…we school year round, they change grades in july and it is little more than a “oh by the way…now you are in grade X” announcement during dinner. We are waaaayyy too relaxed to take any type of extended break…they would never get educated..LOL I will be thinking of ya!

  2. Yay Bears! Many blessings to your for a successful school year…from your friends, THE EAGLES, better known as the Thomas Clan! Love y’all!

  3. Lots to do! We start on Monday and I am panicking (this is usual for me). Way to go allowing your daughter the opportunity to share what she would like to change during your school day. Love the mascot and the flag. I have not gotten that far in my hs journey. I will get there. Wishing you a fantastic school year.

  4. School colors ~ Love it! I look forward to hearing her list if she ever turns it over. I always enjoy stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful year.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Dawn, I’m looking forward to her list, too! I stopped by your corner of Cyberland this morning, in full “stealing” mode over your excellent, creative ideas. Thanks in advance–ha ha!!

  5. I guess I’ve never been deschooled, but we won’t resume fall homeschooling until the day after Labor day–the day most public schools in our area resume. I’m actually still homeschooling, as we school year round. (Our schedule is lighter in the summer and includes lots of fun things.) However, we’ll take a school-free week prior to the beginning of our fall schedule.

    I have a major decision to make concerning this fall, a blended online, brick-and-mortar “public school at home” program or continue with traditional homeschooling. I’m still praying about it. If I decide to continue homeschooling, I do have a Plan B, but I’ll have to tweak it a bit.

    God bless you and your beautiful family. You’re doing well.

    1. You’re doing well, too, my friend, and I love the way that you are contributing to the homeschool community via your Examiner articles–well-written and informative. I’ll be praying for your wisdom in accordance with Proverbs 3:3-6 such that you will lean not to your own understanding, but instead to step into the open door. Many of God’s richest blessings to you, Phyllis.

  6. Hey Momma Bear!! I love the way your school year is shaping up. Miss Savannah is a hoot! LOL

    I think you’re right to move bible study to the start of your day. It’s so easy to make it a supplement instead of a main course. I am very guilty of that – especially now that we don’t homeschool and we are all going in different directions each day. I’d love to say that the girls continued this practice, by way of private bible study, but sadly I cannot. Truth be told, I fail to do it daily myself.

    Have a wonderful school year! Go Bears!!!

    1. I’m just happy that we’ve reorganized this year to where we can have Bible study first. However, I will say that the advantage of doing it before the kids left here in the evenings was that they were reminded immediately before being around the influences of the music and the conversation who they were, and more importantly, WHOSE they were. There’s never a BAD time for meditating on God’s Word, as long as it gets done. That was the problem here–it wasn’t getting done, at least not consistently. Hopefully this adjustment will get us back on track!

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