How to Pick the Right Curriculum

Before you get too excited, let me say that this article will not suggest any one curriculum, or devalue any other curriculum. There are far too many choices out there for me to offer much wisdom in that area. Indeed, homeschooling has come a long way from the few publishers that would actually sell to a homeschooling family; now homeschooling conventions look almost as polished and slick as those industry fairs where I once manned a corporate booth. That reality is one of the inspirations behind this article. It is about this time of
year when I “hear” new mothers all over the States write to say, “I’m a new homeschooler with a few questions…” How does this parent, with an overwhelming number of curriculum from which to choose, make a wise decision?  Read my thoughts on this dilemma in an article I penned for Heart of the Matter Online this month…


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2 thoughts on “How to Pick the Right Curriculum

  1. A fellow homeschooler first told me about your history curriculum 2 years ago. Today my son expressed his desire to know more about African Americans like us and the things they did in history. We looked up some things on Google and it lead me to your website. I was so excited I had no idea it was you that created these curriculums. Well I just completed my order and I can’t wait to get those 2 books in this house. I am planning to order the other 2 books next year.

    Thank you in advance

    1. What a small world, Michaelle, and how exciting!! I do hope that the history set you ordered is a blessing to you and your son (and the other kids)!! I have to pop over and see your updates very soon.

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