Reflections of Summer over the Years

In summer of 2009, I wrote this thought as a portion of this post:

‘ I think what has me a bit frustrated is the plight I find myself in each summer: overcommitted and genuinely curious as to how it happened.’


When you have blogged for 7 years, you get to laugh–and sometimes wince–at the quality of your blog posts.  Why did I write this?  What was going on when I said that?   Did I really think this way at the time?   What is more educational, however, is the opportunity to see patterns in yourself, and places where you continually circle only to find…well, you.  

In looking over posts from summers past, whether in my early days of blogging, when I could not relax in summer, or when, later in that same summer I confessed my Martha-like tendencies,  I conclude that overplanning, and consequently, underachieving, are just who I am.    Given my ability to multi-task well, and my knack for wearing many hats (and taking others on as I shed some), I just bite off alot to chew as par for the course.  Of course, there was my first trip to West Texas, and our mad dash to escape a hurricane.   In every case, there is always more to do than there are hours in the day, and by summer’s end, I find myself in a mild depression that I did not do everything on my list.   Here is what I am planning to bite off this summer: new wardrobes, and maybe a very early prelude to a quilting project:

cotton blessings 0613


The saving grace here is that the oldest informed me that she will take the sewing machine with her to college this fall, so I will have to find another way to manufacture my own goods (I’m talking serger here–yeah, baby!!)

Well, that’s me.  Oh, and I will cook the veggies that my husband and daughter are growing in that first photo above–eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, and okra.    Yuuuuummm.    What are your plans this summer?   In case you are not one to overtax yourself with activities, I found a couple of neat links, like what to do when the summer brings rainy days.   Have fun!!

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2 thoughts on “Reflections of Summer over the Years

  1. My summer is now “OPERATION: FIX THE HOUSE”…thanks to the tree that decide to come through our roof and ceiling! Since repairs will be going on anyway, some other needed “fix its” will be added to the list. Oh…and we will DEFINITELY be taking out some of these other trees…NOT trying to experience a repeat of this mess again! LOL! As far as your summer sewing adventures…again, WHERE do I send MY measurements! LOL!

    Enjoy your summer days, my friend!

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