10-Year-Old Girl’s Night

In my post about our daughter’s high school graduation party, I talked about the fact that I am a non-party planner.     I also “voiced” my frustration about the fact that we did not get pictures at the actual party. In the first post, I spoke of taking LOADS of pictures when our son graduates in 2-3 years.  Well, the youngest had other plans.   She  talked herself into a birthday/ sleepover last weekend!!  (You’d have to have one with that personality to fully appreciate that statement).



Nothing like friends who embrace the moment and treat you like royalty as well.




This party was full girly-girl–pink with zebra stripes.









AND, I was so excited that I finally got to make my spoons!!



These were so easy to make, and they were a hit from the moment I put them onto the table.




There were gifts to open, and the fact that Disney’s “Teen Beach Movie” premiered on the same night of the party was icing on a pre-teen girl’s (cup)cake!!



There was dancing,



and craft time, with tote bags (no pics–sorry!), and  flip-flops decorated and ready for the heat of summer.



If I have my way, this is my last party for a couple of years.   I have to say, though, that I had a ball putting this together, and the best part was the hug that only a child can give as she exclaimed, “Thank you, Mom!!!”

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