School Day Numero Uno: Fall 2013

There are few days in the life of a parent like the first day of school, whether your child catches the bus or simply walks to the kitchen table.    As I’ve shared over a number of posts, this year is markedly different for us as we have in essence sent our older two to college–one far away as a freshman and one to the local community college as a dual enrollment student.   So this year was worth capturing as it marks a new season in our lives as a school and as a family.

Here is the breakfast shot, of which no homeschool should be without.  I think the cornmeal pancakes went over well.


dad and micah over breakfast


Another adjustment: when the oldest was home, I had grown quite accustomed to her driving herself to her college classes, which meant that all I had to do was have breakfast ready at a certain hour and then see her off.  The rest of the house could remain in pjs while we leisurely went about our day.    Now having lost a driver, we all must arise with our son, get breakfast, and head out together; our 10-year-old is too young to stay here alone while I get him to the campus.   Thankfully, Dad was at home today to help with transporting him back and forth.   And boy, was he excited about being the newest “BMOC.”


micah first day at lee college 2013 pic 4


What was your first internet search of the day?   Mine was what to do with overgrown okra.   It’s what happens when you leave home for 1 week.




Oh, well, if the price we paid for seeing the oldest safely off to college is to have plenty of okra seed for next summer, I’ll take it.


Off to school (well, actually, onto the kitchen table).   I am so thankful that I was able to participate in CurrClick’s “Pay What You Want” sale earlier this month.   I was able to collect some great multiplication games and cards, and along with a great Pinterest idea for grammar, the youngest and I focused on reviewing some basic concepts from last year.


math and grammar manipulatives fall 2013


The grammar idea, you ask?   Sentence makers.  And since I value the lost art of sentence diagramming, this was a perfect opportunity to revisit parts of speech and how sentences are constructed from part to whole.

grammar sentence makers fall 2013

My favorite sentence is ‘Savannah(‘s missing) hair is natural.’   Talk about the abundance of the heart.

Well, other than some copywork (we are rewriting the book of Psalms) and our history studies (right now we are reading Color Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee Love, The Great Migration North), the day was short, but getting up at that hour wore me out!!   I could have slept for a couple of hours, but I had the nerve to instead thread the youngest’s hair!   After a week in chlorinated pools, her tresses needed an overhaul.

 african threading august 2013


She reeeeaaaalllllly did not want to take this picture–I think she was just tired after having to wake up hours earlier than she’d become accustomed to at this point in the summer.   I think I’ll keep it and show to any future beaus (LOL).


In the meantime, our college students had wing-dingers (Southern for ‘extreme; intense’) of a first day, too.   Our son viewed the class syllabus only to find out that he will later “learn” about the Creation “myth” and why evolution is true.  Before a discussion on the de-sensitizing of America, our daughter was forced to watch videos of Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance on Sunday night, the uncut version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video (featuring topless dancers), and a spoof of that same video, in which the women are clothed and men dance in G-strings.   Ugh.


By the time bedtime did come, I crashed.


How was your first day of school?


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2 thoughts on “School Day Numero Uno: Fall 2013

  1. No “first day” over here…but still chugging along! Sight word BINGO is the new favorite interactive reading game that babygirl INSISTS we all play…three or four times a day! LOL! Prepping for another stab at the SAT (October) and finishing up driver’s ed and training. Someone got a hold of a wierd and wacky science experiement book that is now part of our 6th grade science rotation! Oh boy…pray for us on that one. With the another “senior” year to navigate, this time planning a personal graduation ceremony, I am already just bubbling over with ideas for the location, the ceremony and the after celebration! Oh no…May is only 9 months away! LOL! Did I mention that we have a masters graduation in December to plan for as well??? Oh the joys of pursuing the educated life!

    Blessings to you and yours as you enjoy this school year!

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