May We Have More Algebra, Please?

I will be the first to admit that, in a younger season of homeschooling, I was that parent who took jabs at the public school system.   I realize now that I needed to feel better about what we were doing, and so bashing others’ choices was a shameful way of elevating myself.   Now having exposed my feet of mere clay, I can also rejoice that I have been healed, delivered, and set free from those demons.  I truly believe that each of us as parents, regardless of how we have chosen to educate our children, makes the best choice we can with the resources that are available to us.    Sometimes the problem is the choice, or lack thereof.

Most recently, the Texas legislature has had its first step of success at eliminating algebra 2 as a requirement for a high school student to graduate.   I am sure that there are parents as well as students who are rejoicing over the possibility of a child not having to agonize over books.   I, however, find myself shocked and dismayed.  Why?  Read on in “The Case for Higher Mathematics,” my monthly contribution  to Heart of the Matter Online.

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