Take Your Kids on a Date (No, Really!!)

Relationships should always outweigh agendas.                                     

                                                             (“Homeschool Minute,” The Old Schoolhouse, February 2009)

Years ago, I was blessed to read an article in this particular newsletter entitled “Dating Your Kids.”  I was initially precautious, thinking that the word dating was a euphemism for spending money.  Thankfully, the title was misleading; the article talked about giving your kids individual attention and making each of your children feel special.  Yet, if you are like me, having the family together without work getting in the way can be a momentous feat in itself.      As a wife and mother of three, and with all three at various seasons of life, time is precious.   Like many of us, I have no shortages of “hats” in trying to carry out my God-given roles and responsibilities, in addition to making a sometimes feeble attempt to maintain my health and sanity.   Please also understand that this is not about misplaced priorities; I am fairly clear on my purpose.   Instead, I cry out after reading something like this, “Lord, where would I find the time?”

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that making a child feel special has little to do with money.   Given the financial sacrifices that we have made in order to homeschool, we have not always had money to lavish upon the children.   Yet, we have had opportunities—opportunities that any parent would have—to “date” our children.   You might have your own list, but there are common elements to making the date special.   Find out what those common elements are in this month’s contribution to The End in Mind.  Happy dating, dear friends!!

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