You Call it Home; Will Colleges Call it School?

How do we fit our children’s educational experiences into a traditional high school mold?

The dilemma that this poses for many homeschoolers could not be better summed up than in this example, a question from a fellow homeschooler, posted on a Yahoo loop to which I once subscribed:

I’m almost finished with my daughter’s course descriptions, and am a little fried . . . Any ideas anyone? Basically, for the last six years (I’m giving one credit) we have raised goats for milk, bred and birthed kids (goats), been a part of a friend’s horse breeding program, which was very specific and controlled, kept our own horses, and are well versed in just about every health issue a horse can have. We’ve raised chickens and turkeys from eggs to slaughter and/or egg production and are well versed in all poultry health care. We also know a lot about dogs and cats, if that helps.

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the proverbial road: for all of our talk of discovery and atmosphere and freedom, and for all of our delight-directed and unschooled and eclectic approaches, our children’s educational experience must somehow fit into a traditional mold if they are to advance to institutions of higher learning.  Read more of my thoughts on transforming your studies into what colleges and universities want to be in my monthly contribution to Home Educating Family’s blog

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