Helping Your Child Deal with Disappointments

“So, where are you going?”

 If you have a child in your life who graduated this year (or any other year, for that matter), you have heard this question at least once, if not one hundred times.   For some kids, the answer is an assured trip to x college in y city. For others, the answer might be a military infantry destination or into a new job.

But there are kids who dread this question and the associated angst or despair that comes with it. Moreover, even the most confident teen will land on foreign soil (even if that foreign soil is the local community college or the neighborhood burger joint) and find that something is not as he or she dreamed it would be. If the goal of education is to prepare them to travel the road to success, have we taught them how to respond to life’s detours and U-turns?

I shared more in this month’s contribution to Home Educating Family’s blog.  Enjoy and be blessed.

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