The School Room [aka our Kitchen] Re-do

On my other blog, I shared about the air conditioner repair that is now leading to an upstairs renovation.   As the strangest of circumstances leads us to re-do our home, I am standing on Romans 8: 28 and moving forward–even in the midst of uncertainty on so many levels.

It had been 2007 since I last painted the kitchen.  I loved  the old kitchen color, and true to my post, the switch from the “new house” off-white did give our kitchen/ schoolroom new life.  But, like any great idea, I was highly motivated, but came up short in the execution.   You see, the wallpaper border went up first while the wall was still white.   It wasn’t until later when I began feasting on HGTV (a habit of which I’ve now been delivered and set free–lol) that it occurred to me that I could change the wall color.   So, as the border began to fall 15 years later, I was left with part border, part white wall, and part painted wall.   (Heavy sigh).  At least this upgrade was planned.

When you paint the same room seven years later, some things are bound to change.   The biggest change for me was that the last time I did this, she was four and I had to get creative in allowing her to “help.”   This time, she really was a help.


Those long legs and compacted body went everywhere that my aging frame wasn’t too excited about climbing.   Praise God for a kid in season.

It was all going so well.   I even striped one wall on the suggestion of the lady at Home Depot (my friend is right: words are seeds!)   But as I began to remove all of the tape from the ceilings, baseboards, etc., the reality of home DIY projects began to rear its ugly head.



Oi.   Well, it took me a container of spackling and a second shot of get-up-and-go to pull it together, but here goes.   I am not sure what I will do with a chalkboard on this bare wall given that our youngest student is 11, but it just feels right. Maybe this will be the right resource for the visual learner, and who knows?  The kids might take in something, too.


A little late, but we are (just about) ready for school.

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