5 Steps Toward the Balancing Act

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Maybe you are brand new to this whole homeschooling “thing” and on many days, you find yourself totally frustrated that you no longer have time for little else besides lesson plans, reading lists, and a whole new set of forums and networks.   Perhaps this is not your first barbecue, but you cannot figure out why you continue to make the same circle of activity versus productivity year after year.    Ideally, maybe you truly have victory in this area of your life, and you are skimming this article in order to feel good about the steps you have taken in your own life to do something different.   Whatever is the case, at some point, we have all had to deal with the balancing act.


Juggling the work of being wife and/or mom is no cake walk.   Add the role of teacher, employee, employer, volunteer-of-the-year, etc., and discipline is a must.   Do we stand a chance at making it all happen?   If we live out God’s Word that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13), then the answer is yes.  But as I have heard it said, only when you want what He wants do you get what you want.    Here are some practical tips in my monthly edition to The End in Mind to consider as we submit our will to His will.



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