Where is Christ in Your Christmas?

once saw that Halloween is now the most celebrated holiday after Christmas. However you feel about celebrating Halloween, the data is apparently there, and the messages across the airwaves are reflective of that data. Thanksgiving gets no love from Madison Avenue; candidly speaking, there is not much money in it (although there is PLENTY of money in “Black” Friday).

Consequently, from November 1 until after the New Year, we are bombarded with a message about Christmas. It looks something like this:

1. If you love someone, you should spend money on them.

2. The more you spend, the more it shows your love.

3. The things that you might have spent money on are old and outdated, and true love dictates that your kids (if no one else) need whatever is “hot” and new.

 Moreover, if we are not careful, we get sucked into this message in some fashion or form. That is what makes “Black Friday,” well, black, as in the stores do not have to run into the “red” financially, i.e., losing profits (as they do most of the year). And though there is nothing inherently wrong with shopping,  or with wanting to take advantage of attaining the best for less, here is more data for you: Your children are watching you.

I continue to share my thoughts on putting Christ in Christmas in my monthly contribution to The End in Mind (formerly Heart of the Matter Online).  Be blessed, friends.

Christmas 2012
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