Why Love Must Reign

Past the cards, gifts, and chocolates that mark this season, if we are to succeed at all in educating at home, love must reign, even in places where it is difficult (read DISCIPLINE). Love marks every sacrifice in the Word of God, from Gideon to Ruth to Jesus himself. And believe me, friends, home education is a sacrifice—a denial of many aspects of self in order to pour deeply into someone else.
Imagine a homeschool in which something else is sovereign:

  • As parents, we allow burnout and frustration to set in, and treat our kids accordingly.

    mother hugging child
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  • Our tongues speak (academic) death rather than life by confessing our worst thoughts and fears over our children.
  • Our children model our poor example in how they treat one another.
  • Our children internalize the wrong messages about who they are in our eyes, and more importantly, who they are in their Heavenly Father’s eyes.
  • Our focus is far more on producing external results than nurturing an internal soul.
  • Our desire to prove something to others (or to ourselves) and to compete rather than partner with others running the same race far outweighs the reality of what happens within our four walls.


I share much more about the priority put on loving each other, and the impact of love not being first, in my monthly contribution to Home Educating Family’s blog.  Enjoy and be blessed.

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