What Follows “The Decision”

Many parents are making a decision right now: next school year, we are going to homeschool our children.   A number of these same parents know other homeschoolers, and knowing someone else on the journey is a source of peace in the midst of uncertainty.   There are others, though, who might not be as fortunate, and the decision to homeschool triggers more questions than answers:

How do we start?what follows the decision shot 2

What will our family and friends say?

What do we tell our kids?

What do we tell the school?

What do we need to buy?

What does a homeschool day look like?



Anyone walking the path knows that the answer to these questions– and the many others that surface as the decision gathers flesh and bone—can be as different as the individual family.   But in thinking about what a homeschool day looks like, I am convinced that there are places where homeschool days look common—perhaps not in the details, but conceptually, there are daily tactics that work.


Please read more of my thoughts in this month’s contribution to The End in Mind.

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