Dance Recital 2015–Where We Were, Where We Are

Mix one great dance recital with one proud mom and two terrific photographers, and you end up with one tough job–how to select a few choice shots from over 200 excellent photos.

I have posted more perspectives and angles on Facebook than my friends can perhaps stand, but I have neglected my “peeps” in Blogland!   I certainly would not want you to feel left out!! (wink)

This year’s recital found me especially reminiscent about the kids, where we started, and where we are.   Since a picture is allegedly worth 1,000 words, I will share my heart via photos.

Our youngest was a wee tot several years ago.  This is one of her first recitals, and she was never intimidated by the stage.



She has now blossomed enough that one of the photographers, a long-time friend, did not recognize her until halfway through his picture-taking.   Her tumbling and flexibility were not on display much this year (though she holds her leg up well in the final shot below), but she stands tall in her own right alongside her brother…




and works that stage like a runway model.




And our son?   He literally soared.


micah leap collage 2015 dance recital 1


Watching him lift several young ladies in this year’s recital also took me back–all the way to 2009, when these two giggled at the thought of being this close.



And now?  Well, let’s just say he’s not giggling anymore.




This was my 15th dance recital.   And after 15 years of hair, make-up, costume quick changes, alterations, and subsequent exhaustion, you would think that I would be happy to close the door on that event and step refreshed into summer. Yet, I loved that the performances become more spectactular each year, and I still feel blessed to be some small part of it.




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One thought on “Dance Recital 2015–Where We Were, Where We Are

  1. I am not nearly as experienced as you in this realm. We only have eight years under out belt in the dance world. Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Sawyer get so much out of the entire dance and theater experience. I love how much they love it. Although it is exhausting. The kids did 13 performances this year spread out over 3 shows, it is so worth it. Your son looks amazing. What AWESOME form. I will have to show my son the photos. It is sometimes lonely being one of the only boys. There are only three in our dance studio. How did your son feel about it when he was 13? I love the costumes!
    Blessings, Dawn

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