Catapulting Your Homeschool with Social Media

There are mornings when I have to repent for waking up to answer the many notifications—Facebook, Twitter, etc., –on my phone rather than waking up to pray.

There are mornings  when I prepare breakfast, prepare for our school day, and manage a sundry of activities all while “catching up” on what my friends and family are doing via their latest pics and posts.

Not one day goes by when I do not have to research something that I find Pinnable, [Ever]note-worthy, or in some other form or fashion savable for use at a later time.



And I am not alone.


The truth is that social media in its various forms can steal literally hours from our days.   Yet, since most of us engage in some way with online communities, I thought in my latest contribution to The End in Mind to suggest some ways for us to use these tools to help our homeschools without robbing us of all-too-precious time.  Enjoy.

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