Lapbooking 101 with A Blessed Heritage’s Curriculum–Part 1

I love how the Lord moves, and the fact that He rarely takes the direct approach–at least in my life.   Often as a small business owner when I have attempted to meet that special person or make the right connection, it just didn’t work out as I planned.   BUT…in those times when I have simply gone about the day-to-day business of attempting to walk as He did, I meet people who are true gems.

The Andrewses are one of those minding-my-own-business-when-God-showed-up blessings.   I met Pamela Andrews through our youngest once our daughters became pen pals, and we have not known each other for long.   However, our spirits have connected in a very real way, and she is genuinely one of the warmest people I know.  She is that lady that you speak with for 30 minutes and feel as if you’re reconnecting with a friend of 30 years.  Our all-to-brief times together have been very rewarding for me.



Her videos–I use the plural of video because she posted a 3-part session–were a total surprise to me, but they are exactly what some of my customers might be looking for in terms of how to use our products.   This is rich sharing and learning.   Grab your beverage of choice, kick back, and get ready.

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