From the Eyes of My Student

So, when the youngest volunteered to write a blog post for this week’s iHomeschool Network Blog Hop theme, “From the Eyes of the Student,” I was reminded of the parts of myself that continue to need work.   I learned–again–about the danger of being prideful, and I learned–again–about showing others grace.   After all, my passions, my calling, and my anointing are mine, and they don’t have to be other people’s passions–including my own family’s.    I could have easily edited this post, or persisted in forcing her to write more, all to impress my readers.   But, rather than worry that her post was not as “deep” and reflective as my own might have been, I need to back up and simply let. her. be.    And if I can close my mouth, who knows where such a straightforward presentation of her day might go?

So, here is a day in the life of my one student–an 8th  grader who has a lot on her mind (but not so much in this post–  😉   )

Normally, I like to wake up early (before I would normally wake up for school) and exercise. As soon as I am done exercising, I like to do my everyday beauty regimen (brushing my teeth, wash my face, take a shower, etc.). Then I head downstairs and eat breakfast that my mom cooks me (that specific morning I had a smoothie for breakfast).




Then I start school. The first thing that I do every morning is do Bible, then after that I’ll do math. Everything else really depends on the day. Some days I have very light school work, while other days I have a lot of work to do.




I finish school pretty early so I always like to stretch, work on dancing, or work on pointe with my free time.


There you have it!  Her school day, a quick summary of her free time, and a small taste of me, the work-in-process.   I think we are both feeling pretty good about ourselves right now.

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2 thoughts on “From the Eyes of My Student

  1. That smoothie looks delicious! I like what you wrote in the beginning. I struggle with trying to impress others too. It is best to let things be. I especially struggle with this when it comes to my housecleaning. I so desperately want others to think my house has been nominated for the cover of Good Housekeeping lol I’ve learned that most people with children understand that your house will NOT be spotless. It will look lived in. Another good read. Thanks!

    1. I so get this, Derika. When we had three at home, with two who decided our great room–at the very front of the house–would become the middle and high school, I HATED that feeling of failure when an unexpected neighbor showed up at the door. Right now, I have a ton of books in that space that I need to move. I’m not sure that season ever ends!!

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