“When I Was a Child” Volume 2 Now Available!

It is here, it is here! Volume 2 of When I Was a Child, our high school history curriculum, is here!



For those of you who have already pre-ordered, I will ship your order this week as promised.


When I Was a Child stays true to the spiritual and instructional foundation that is the bedrock of all A Blessed Heritage’s products:

  • A Christian worldview
  • Rich, living books as reading selections
  • Critical thinking questions and activities to help students analyze and synthesize what they learn


You can read more, and place your order, here.


When contemplating my “why” after completing the first volume of “When I Was a Child,” I discussed timing and season in order to be effective in meeting the needs of a high school-aged student.  I began writing the second volume concurrently with the first, so my “why” is significantly different in completing volume two.

Candidly, I have wrestled with how much of my heart to pour into a curriculum where I know the story in my head.  Objectivity would necessitate that I simply tell the story, select the books, pose questions, and design the learning.  I find myself, however, at the end of this type of exercise, torn and frustrated—wrestling, as I stated earlier.  The fight existed between the “clean” presentation of data on the page and the murmurings found abandoned in my heart.  In reading through the following quote and allowing it to marinate, I realized that there is no happy union.


‘Transformative writing comes not from the well-planned, tightly controlled essay but from the conflicts and tensions that flow naturally and urgently from the viscera of the writer.  It’s best when it has the smell of the author’s cultures, the blood of the people who’ve used it as a way to delve into the truths and lies that populate their worlds.’

(https://thehumanist.com/magazine/march-april-2016/features/confronting-whiteness-flint-water-crisis, accessed 3/2017)


I could never satisfy my heart, nor would I allow the Lord to use me in transforming your mind, if I only wrote via the filter in my head. It is impossible to write in today’s world without expressing a mother’s hopes, fears, and prayers for her African-American children. The answer, ultimately, is more writing, less wrestling.



What is left to say? A gigantic THANK YOU for all the love I have received in the last few months for our Blessed Heritage line of products. I came home from my father-in-law’s funeral on this past week, and in some much-needed downtime, checked my Instagram account to find a beautifully crafted excerpt from our elementary curriculum. The comments that followed literally blew my mind. Others of you have sent e-mails expressing how thrilled you are that products like these exist, and how excited you are to learn more inclusive history alongside your children. All of the encouragement warms my heart and keeps me motivated to continue to produce multi-cultural history products that point us all back to the heart of the Father. I am overwhelmed at how God’s vision for A Blessed Heritage is soooooo much larger than my own, and I stand in awe at what He does with my two fish and five loaves of bread.

Be sure to visit A Blessed Heritage at http://blessedheritage.com !

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