Business is Booming and Blooming in Spring

I sure hate Puxatony Phil saw his shadow. I am soooooo ready for spring. Even though we had some desperately needed winter weather (for the sake of killing bugs), everything around here looks dead and lifeless. I want to see “green.”

I am doing my part, as I wait, to “birth” some things, too. So I couldn’t be more excited about the revised version of volume 1 of our elementary school curriculum, “Our History, HIS-History,” now in its final editing stage. Returning to this curriculum was such a fun trip for me. Now, with the youngest of three in high school, I felt more confident about how I would work with elementary students. To that end, the book has more hands-on activities than the previous version—more cooking, more art projects, and even science projects. I sought to build upon that integration of subjects that has become fundamental to how we learn in our home.



What has been most fun for me is returning to picture books, and those earliest stories that introduce a parallel narrative to young readers. Middle school and high school force me towards books with more words and fewer pictures (which is as it should be). It has been a minute since I have enjoyed the privilege of an illustrator’s contribution to the eyes and mind of the littlest learners. And I have heard you via reviews, e-mails and Instagram posts regarding your faves on the reading list and those read-alouds you might like to see. This product, I believe, will build upon the best features of A Blessed Heritage products and add even more value to any family’s educational plan.

I began publishing the “Heart for the Nations” series with a study of Guatemala. “Heart for the Nations: Haiti” became available at January’s end. I love what one customer had to say about this latter unit study:

‘What I love about the Unit Study:

The details given about the country.

The details given about the earthquakes and why they happen.

The geography and how it affects the country.’


I will continue to publish these unit studies featuring other countries as the Lord continues to give ideas and energy (not necessarily in that order).

What else has me excited about the months to come? Our progress in school, our growth as a family, the spring garden, and the number of new homeschooling families who will visit here as they are making decisions for this coming school year. As you might imagine, I have something to say about it all.   Blessings, dear friends.

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2 thoughts on “Business is Booming and Blooming in Spring

  1. I am so excited about the new version of the elementary school history curriculum. It is on my list to buy now that my children are a little older. I am looking forward to when it is available for purchase 🙂

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