Why Every Home Educator Needs a Wellness Strategy

There are certain truths that no one tells you about homeschooling.

No one tells you, as one example, how much time you will spend wondering if you are doing enough, if you are doing it right, etc…

No one tells you, as another example, that without dogged determination to do something different,  homeschooling can be an isolating, and even lonely, existence at times in terms of adult relationships.

Few will share the reality that homeschooling can drive wedges in families just as it can strengthen bonds. Some wedges are necessary, like distancing yourself from cynical, doubtful relatives; other wedges, like the distancing that can occur between you and your spouse, should be avoided as much as possible (a post all its own).

Also, no one admits that, in spending soooooo much time planning, researching, praying, investing, implementing, hoping, doubting, and more praying, etc., over these little people, not to mention the hours of the day that it’s just you and them, you can lose yourself.

The truth is that homeschooling requires that you wear so many caps until your sense of happiness, your sense of achievement, and indeed, your sense of who you are might become a function of how well someone is reading, or whether someone else completed all of his lessons in a timely manner.

I have had days when a book discussion left me on a “high” all day.

I have also had days when a missed assignment or a math lesson depressed me to the point of not moving from the couch while I buried my sorrows in popcorn.

I know I’m not alone in this; lately I have spoken with several ladies who have lamented about being lonely, or otherwise disengaged from a normal life (whatever that looks like).

The results of such lingering feelings, all those hours and all that stress, can weigh heavily on our minds…and on our bodies. Those feelings are greatly magnified when you are the sole adult in the household.

I have written before about the positive impact of the people around me in helping me with better eating habits as an adult than I had as a child. Indeed, all of our children are very conscious of restful sleep, healthy eating, and regular exercise.




I am a work-in-progress, for sure. But

I am understanding more and more the importance of being well as I seek to minister to those around me. So, I drink my herbal tea that feels like oil to the Tinman, and I hit my step for some cardio. Sometimes I walk, especially now that the weather is cooling down.

The youngest leads me in her favorite, online workouts (you will get NO shots of that)!


an inspirational present from the oldest


I take advantage of the therapeutic value of writing, and of getting my hands dirty. I celebrate with and for those around me, and I pray for their pains. I stay aware of the harsh cruelties of these times, but I try to stay mindful of the end of The Book. That part is not easy.

I am still working on sleep. This change of life is for the birds.


What are your commitments to yourself and to self care, mind, body, and soul?

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    1. Thank you for the visit. Living it out myself as well as seeing/hearing it lived out in others of our particular “ilk” lets me know that it is far more important than we make it. Forget the facade–let’s write in enough transparency to help each other, you know?

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