The Lazy Days of Summer

We returned from a great conference–and the associated two-day drive–with all of the away-from-home-for-a-week tasks before us: reclaiming the dog from the kennel, laundry, and mail sorting. The biggest task was the garden, dry and worm-infested after a week without rain or TLC.

Our youngest had little time to enjoy being home before she was back on the road again, this time for summer youth camp. So while she has been gone, hubby and I have experienced what this next season of life will be post-homeschooling and post-kids in our home. We have been empty nesting, and reconnecting as a couple. I have been reading, writing, and gardening. It’s been restful and rewarding–almost to the point of embarrassment.

When I reflect, most of my summer posts involve multiple kids in multiple activities, and me trying to relax when I am not playing taxi cab dispatch. This summer has me feeling lazy.

I was sharing with a friend of mine my feeling of not doing enough. I have been constantly praying about what to do in this season, and God remains seemingly quiet. We both agreed that, as women, and moreso as homeschooling moms, we are so accustomed to running full-out until we forget what a gift downtime can be. I will add that as an educated woman, I struggle mightily between being obedient to seasons in my relationship with Christ versus the school of thought that I should be “grinding,” “hustling,” and “puttin’ in work” with all of my worldly credentials.

There is a purpose in what feels like inactivity. God has something to say, and rather than send His message through a storm (i.e., a tough trial), or a rushing mighty wind (i.e., a sudden dramatic change), He sometimes comes in a still, small voice. My task is to dismiss all the distractions, to lay aside every weight (Hebrews 12:1), and to quiet myself to hear instruction and obey–just by doing the next thing (another conversation with another dear friend).

The next thing, if the Lord says the same, might be to simply love on my family before everyone goes their separate ways at month’s end. I normally take a mental break from homeschooling (to the extent that I can) during the month of June, but the next thing in July will be to gather resources and firm up plans for our third year of high school. (Look for the page content on this blog to change). The next thing might be to devour seed catalogs in preparation for the fall and winter. In any case, may my heart and mind stay open to God, and might I stay in this state of seeming laziness, such that I might not miss what He has to say.

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