Ready for School–(well, almost)

A while ago, I wrote a post entitled “The Beauty of Everyday Moments.” In it I discussed the possibilities that might spring from boredom, and the realities behind many of the beautifully staged homeschools in online photos. So, in that spirit, our days haven’t been in any way spectacular, but it’s been a fantastic summer. […]

How to Make an Impact

If September was the month to back up a few yards and punt, then October was the month to hang on. Even with a week off, I still feel as if life happened in a blur. Perhaps, in fact, that week off was the problem: it took me out of my routine enough that I […]

September: the month to…

September is the month to… Walk out all of the plans I had for school in shoe leather, and to understand what is actually working and what is not. With a few weeks under our collective belts, I can fall out of love with what looked so beautifully simplistic during the summer. It is the […]

The 2018-2019 School Year: “Bleh” can be a Good Thing

  Bleh: an expression of boredom                                                                                                   […]

UPDATED: 8 Tasks For NOW If College Will Be Later

Right before our oldest left for college, I thought to blog my lessons learned in how to prepare as a homeschool parent for the sake of those behind me. When I entered college (from public school), others were an integral part of my preparation. In contrast, I can safely say with my high school/ homeschool […]