How Homeschooling Can Heal

Yes, I am still here. Life has been extremely busy in the last few months, and blogging has taken the appropriate back seat to managing a home and all the associated caps that come with it. If we skip to the highlight reel, We survived Halloween (we’re not celebrators). Thank goodness it was unseasonably cold, […]

Why Go to College (while still in High School)?

When I wrote my last post, I talked about expanding on my newfound love for community colleges. As I mentioned then, I once was blind, metaphorically speaking, but now I see. Dual enrollment—the idea of taking college-level courses as a secondary (high school) student and getting both high school and college level credit for those […]

The Learning Never Stops

original photo credit   …though I am a “veteran” homeschooler (as defined by being not so wide-eyed when I consider the task at hand), I am increasingly aware that the more humble I am willing to be regarding what I do not know, the more I can open my mind to learning. Not only that, […]

5 Tasks to Help You Spring Toward the Year’s End

March does not have to be the month that makes you strongly consider throwing in the towel. There are several potentially invigorating tasks that can help you survive the remainder of your school year and begin a new academic year a step ahead. Spring, in general, can be a good time to…read more of what I have to […]

1st Semester 2013 Progress Report: Things are Working!

With half of the school year officially behind us as of Friday (YAY!!!), there is never an inappropriate time to take a progress check and see what’s working. I am well pleased with this 5th grade year, even if it is markedly different than the years I spent at the elementary level with the older […]