Successful Homeschooling: 5 Facts I Wish I’d Known…

In a word, we have been swamped this homeschool year.   Hubby has traveled extensively for work such that I do not have much day-to-day help at home.   The oldest leaving for college means that I lost my at-home driver while Dad’s away.    Our son’s dance activities and college-related activities increased exponentially, meaning that my taxi cab hat is on more often.    […]

Notebooking the (Homeschool) Day Away

One of my favorite blog-hopping activities is to check out certain blogs and get ideas, especially from kinesthetically (hands-on) oriented bloggers.   As a visual learner, I sometimes forget to add in components to our day that allow the busy little hands that belong to our youngest a chance to move! There are homes that thrive […]

Letting Go of Older Children: Prayer, Prepare, and Apply

When I am not teaching our three children at home, I sometimes teach adult learners, helping them “blow the dust off,” shall we say, of academic concepts and skills long lost and forgotten.   Not too long ago, at the end of an entry-level course, I asked the students to assemble into small groups and answer […]

Great Book, but What Does it Mean?

Less than a week ago, I did something that I have not done in years: I watched a televised music awards show.   Overall, I see why a lot of top 40’s hit music does not appeal to me, but I also cringe at the messages sent by many of these artists, many of whom […]

Looking Ahead: Our School in 2013-2014

Where does a mom’s mind travel to after her oldest graduates and, along with litle brother and sister, finishes her final dance recital?  Toward plans for the fall.   After all, as many “last moments” as we have all cried through in these last few weeks, we still have two kids here who need an education! Our summer trips revolve […]