It Might Not Be the Perfect Start, But…(it will still be good)

My mind began to drift on yesterday as I listened to Pastor—not the normal sundry thoughts from what’s for lunch to why is it always so cold in here, but purposeful drifting.   I would almost call it life application thoughts.   You see, our pastor has been speaking for months now from Psalms 1, about the […]

Finding the Honey Hole

Fresh off of our fall break and with the holidays approaching quickly, I could not think of a better time to take a bird’s eye-level assessment of our homeschool this year. We are moving forward well and feeling the sense of ease that comes from allowing the Lord to take on our burdens.   I say […]

How Long is a Homeschool Day?

‘Tis the season to…think seriously about homeschooling your children on next year, or so I am told.   Though I could not find an exact number, experts in the field state that many households make a decision to homeschool at about this time of year.   As we make that decision, somewhat unintentionally, we can […]