“We Homeschool Too” series: When Mom is in School

My continued post on “Raising our Daughters” is in the queue, such that it is (lol), but there was such a positive response to the first of the “We Homeschool, Too” series posts until I thought introducing the next guest might be higher priority. I was thrilled at the numbers of women who were encouraged […]

5 Steps Toward the Balancing Act

Maybe you are brand new to this whole homeschooling “thing” and on many days, you find yourself totally frustrated that you no longer have time for little else besides lesson plans, reading lists, and a whole new set of forums and networks.   Perhaps this is not your first barbecue, but you cannot figure out why […]

Lord, What am I to Do?

I have a question: does anybody else ever struggle with ALL the roles that are upon you?   A couple of days ago,  the highlights of my day went like this (roles in italics): Mom got up and after piddling around with personal business for a bit, made breakfast for the kids. Housekeeper cleaned and completed […]