Black History Needs More Than a Month

We attend a predominately African-American church in the city–a large church located in the middle of the “hood,” a church with an eye for social justice and community uplift. Celebrating the contributions of people who look like us is a regular, integral portion of our time together. Yet as I grow older, I realize how […]

How to Build a Worldchanger

One of my favorite conference presentations is a concept I refer to as teaching inclusive history.  It is my passion, and the foundation upon which I have educated our children and sought to educate others for a number of years now.   I truly do believe that when we give our children a Godly heart for […]

For the Freedom of Man, Even Fifty Years Later

It was January, 1961.  These were a few of the words of a young John F. Kennedy as he stood on the steps of the United States Capitol, ready to take on the momentous task of leading a nation in turmoil: ‘Since this country was founded, each generation of Americans has been summoned to give […]

God Taught the Tough Stuff; Will You?

There are lovely stories in the Bible.  Children’s movies have been made of these stories; devotionals for the young are full of them.  But God also covered the tough areas, as in the rape of Tamar by her brothers.   He dealt with the incestuous acts of Lot and his daughters.   He covered the beheading of […]

Is African-American History Still Relevant?

It was historian Carter G. Woodson who conceived the idea of a designated period to acknowledge the contributions of African Americans in the making of America.   The year was 1926, and the celebration took place over one week.   According to (accessed January, 2014), ‘The response was overwhelming: Black history clubs sprang up; teachers demanded […]