Preparing Your Teen for College and Life

I have been away for a minute, but I also realize that there is no point in writing less it is inspired by what He has to say. So while I have worked on a post for almost a month now, He sent another word through a different voice. Please enjoy this interview with Jacqueline […]

How Homeschooling Can Heal

Yes, I am still here. Life has been extremely busy in the last few months, and blogging has taken the appropriate back seat to managing a home and all the associated caps that come with it. If we skip to the highlight reel, We survived Halloween (we’re not celebrators). Thank goodness it was unseasonably cold, […]

“We Homeschool Too” series: When Mom is in School

My continued post on “Raising our Daughters” is in the queue, such that it is (lol), but there was such a positive response to the first of the “We Homeschool, Too” series posts until I thought introducing the next guest might be higher priority. I was thrilled at the numbers of women who were encouraged […]

Why the Rise in African-American Homeschooling?

So, it appears that 2015 will be another year upon the freeway of life, i.e. that point when life and its blessings and favor are moving fast enough for my head to spin in wonder.   As I downsize our homeschool classes by one (minus a Physics class), I am expanding my business reach as […]