The Fall Festival, Sophomore Year Ballet

There is a reality of dancing at the college level. You are indeed, a student athlete, just with a different uniform and no cheerleaders to jump around when you reach your goal. All the sweat equity, all the late nights and early mornings, and all the extra food fuel? They all become yours. There are hours […]

Dance Recital 2015–Where We Were, Where We Are

Mix one great dance recital with one proud mom and two terrific photographers, and you end up with one tough job–how to select a few choice shots from over 200 excellent photos. I have posted more perspectives and angles on Facebook than my friends can perhaps stand, but I have neglected my “peeps” in Blogland!   […]

What Little League won’t teach you

  Three weeks into our more formal school year, and I am still trying to get out of the fast lane.  We just returned from traveling with the husband, and this weekend was our time to buy dancewear for the season beginning in three days.  The added dynamics included this year being our youngest daughter’s […]