Have a Blast, Hold to a Budget

For many parents who home educate, it does not take long to realize that the more operative word in homeschool is home, as in this is a lot of wear and tear on our home, this school thing means that one of us is primarily at home[i.e., not working], and how are we going to live life past our bills […]

Do You Love to Homeschool?

Do you love to homeschool? With scores of parents making plans to pull their children from traditional school systems as I write, and others who are currently deciding never to put their child into that same system, it might seem like an ill-chosen time to “voice” those frustrations that no one blogs about—much. Yet, if […]

The Truth about Homeschool

For many home educators who follow the public school calendar, those lazy days of summer are no longer lazy.   Like me, you might be starting to research curriculum, to develop reading lists, and to plan the semester or yearly calendar.   For many will-be home educators, this time might be filled with trepidation and angst—can our […]

Summer School??!! Cool!!

Summer educational fun, i.e., “edu-fun,” can be an excellent means to… 1)      Begin home educating your children if you have not done it before, giving both parent(s) and child the opportunity to become more comfortable with this method of learning 2)      Focus in on one specific skill in which your child needed more attention than […]

Some Things Change, Some Things Remain the Same

 As we enter this annual season of curriculum planning for next school year, I ask the same question that many of you are asking as I write: what will change?   I am continuously looking for ways to get the Bible past their heads and into their hearts.  Read more about how I approach this planning season […]