God and Goals come before shopping…

for curriculum, that is.   This is the time that, for those of us who follow the traditional school year, we begin thinking about tools for next year.    It is also the time, for those who are considering homeschooling, to research, to plan, and to pray–hopefully in reverse order.    I found this nugget of wisdom somewhere early in our transition away from private school, and I thought it was worth passing on during this season.   You can read more here

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2 thoughts on “God and Goals come before shopping…

  1. I saw that you were logged in when I logged in…just doing my entry on the fly, waiting for an installation person to arrive. God has been showing Himself in details big and small, and I get the sense it's in preparation. As the world around gets crazier, and so many focus on stockpiling and preparing for whatever calamity, I realize that God is sovereign and that He is in control in spite of the unexpected. He puts one in the game at His will in spite of outside efforts to keep one out…whatever the game may be. And in spite of efforts to make one person shine over another, God will allow to shine whom He chooses, as with King David. Though the sports seems unfair in terms of coach's preferences, ds is being allowed to play, and the kids on the team were steamed when they thought he wasn't going to get to catch last time. WOW. Hubby has had some awful treatment in a medical situation, and God arranged a resolution we never would have fathomed. So good to us.

    Thanks for the insights on Teaching Textbooks. Another friend highly recommended them, and I may give it a whirl with at least one of the kiddos this year.


    PS The araucanas are neat because they are without tails…we'll see what the offspring look like. Our little flock also apparently carries a gene for a tufted trait, though it can be lethal in the offspring of the tufted ones. Ours have no tufts, just the genes. More research is in order, but it will be exciting to see what hatches, and great science for the kiddos.

  2. Hi Belinda!
    You're so right it is that time to start reflecting on curriculum as well as how school is going in our own abodes. I am seriously thinking about going all year but really need to think it through as well as pray (most important) about it.
    Thanks for stopping by my place and must say I would love to know the story behind your header picture. Maybe, it's just that I would love to be in her place…not at the top of your blog, mind you…but laying on a couch somewhere, UNINTERRUPTED, with cucumber slices on my eyes…oh phooey, I think you understand :-).
    Have a blessed Easter, Julie

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