Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up–April 11, 2010



It’s weekly wrap-up time!   If you want to join in, we’d love to see what is going on with you, so please visit Mary.   


From where I sat this past week,


As an individual, I…


am having to hold a firm line–between my mind and my heart, that is–on sticking to purpose and letting some things go, no matter what that means.   As one example, I participate in a network of African-American homeschooling moms.    Though I don’t visit as often as I’d like, I love the knowledge base, and moreover, the amount of warmth and sharing that occurs amongst a group of ladies who, except for one common thread, are complete strangers.   As an aside, I am so thrilled to be a part of what is happening in the African-American homeschooling community, and being a part of the exponential increase as we realize what traditional school systems are not doing for our kids.  It is wonderful, coinciding with a general increase in the overall homeschooling movement as other parents realize the same.   Homeschooling is now acceptable on a whole new level, and even considered “cool” in some circles.   At any rate, the group now needs new moderation.   My heart is to moderate it, if only to see it remain intact.   But I know that I don’t need another thing to pull me off purpose; I have enough going, and another list of things that I need to get going.   So, each time that I contribute I’m torn between taking a more active role in order to help build the group, vs. staying the current course and risking losing fellowship with a great group of ladies.   Hmmm…



As a wife and homemaker, I…


don’t have as much to say as we plow along.   The superhero came upon some kryptonite on last week, and has had his share of health challenges.    I don’t imagine that it’s serious, but perhaps, as our pastor stated after praying with him, a number of stress/ lack of sleep-related illnesses that double-teamed him at once.    Several symptoms left instantly after prayer.   God is able.



As a mom and homeschooling parent, I…


finished Bambi this week with the youngest.    I continue to be challenged by what makes a book a classic.    Honestly, this book’s ending was as if none of the events in the book ever occurred—no morals, no life lesson to recall later, no theme that made you want to do more with it.    It is perhaps the first book I’ve ever read where I actually think the movie was better.   The oldest, listening in from an adjacent room, said it best: “Is that it?”    My sentiments exactly.


The oldest completed a wrap-up project on the Odyssey using the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”   Funny, it’s one of my favorite movies, but the oldest thought it was “okay.”    Speaking of which, there’s a short, but profound article  from Lee Binz, the Home Scholar, regarding whose delight is key in delight-directed learning.    Although I don’t agree with her using delight-directed and Charlotte Mason synonymously, this made me think about how often I get excited about projects and lesson plans for the kids, only to be disappointed when they don’t share my enthusiasm.    Assembling a body of work that satisfies you in terms of rigor, brings in creative fun, and takes into account your children’s interests is more than a notion.    Incidentally, I found this project courtesy of Lesson Planet (found here) as I put together our “syllabus” last summer.  It’s a great site for the creatively/ kinesthetically-challenged, like me.   What are sites that you use to complement your children’s studies?

As a business owner, I…


continue to make progress on editing and following up on a few ideas that have sat on the “that’s a great idea!” table for far too long.   More on that in the days and weeks to come.


May the Lord bless your week as well.

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One thought on “Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up–April 11, 2010

  1. I smiled when I read about your concluding thoughts about Bambi. That is a good question – who decides, and why, to constitute a book as a "Classic." I'm like you in the way that I want a book to have something we learn from it, a moral of some sort.
    And to think that homeschooling has come so full circle that now it can be considered, in some circles, "cool" ? Never thought I'd see the day… (started this hs thing when my 28 year old was 10)
    Always enjoy reading what's new with you –

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