Our 2016 Spring Garden

A trip home to help an ailing relative, a trip to pick up a college student, a high school prom, and an upcoming dance recital?   NO WONDER I am just now returning to blog!!   We still have about two weeks to go before we settle into a summer norm–as if there really is such a thing.   But at least there is the garden to relieve stress and usher in a spirit of peace amidst the household chaos.  I would love to share with you what is happening this year.

With all the rain we have had this year in our area, moisture retention has not been a major problem, but this mulch insures that what water we have won’t evaporate too soon.  Plus, it smells sooooo earthy and makes the completed garden look like the work of a true professional.

0512161932-1Our kale and red cabbage are holdovers from the raised bed winter garden.  No worries–they will be eaten really soon.



Because there was not much of a winter here (translation: summer bugs will be in abundance), our peppers picked up right where they left off.


Our one point of possible trepidation is our eggplant plant.  We had such a wonderful harvest on last year until I took the poor thing for granted.   This year, it, too, tried to pick up where it left off.   After our initial 1-2 eggplant, which we tithed to my MIL, all the other eggplant began to yellow.   So, I have had to go back to school on watering, fertilization, and pruning.   At worst, I am the only person in our home who enjoys this harvest, so we will not have lost much.  Yet, I sure would hate to lose it over my own neglect.

In the meantime, our cup runneth over–with mint, that is.   Time for lots of sharing, lots of herb drying, and reflections over my MIL’s sweet tea.


We have new entrants into the garden as well–cucumbers, okra, and corn.


So, with that professional-looking mulch that I was speaking of earlier, we might have ourselves an awesome harvest this year!!


Finally, for the first time, we have the neatest of treats–our blueberries are blossoming!



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