Coming in 2017: A Blessed Heritage’s Monthly Newsletter

I will get right to the point: I am sooooooo excited about 2017 and where the Lord is taking me personally and professionally.  Though I cannot share it all right now, I would love for you to be a part of it!

One of the places He is taking the blog and, indirectly, the business, is into deeper connections with a select group of people.  Is this group based upon my selections?  No.  The choice is totally yours.  In 2017, in addition to the blog, and continuing to grow A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources through product development, I will also begin a monthly newsletter.


There are a number of reasons why now is the time for this venture, including the following:

  • Several of you have written offline that you have in some way been blessed by my words. As a Believer in Christ, I am convinced that the time is now, more than ever, to continue in my anointing and assignment, pouring into others in a way that is meaningful and uplifting.
  • I often see women who are very enthusiastic about homeschooling, but struggle to convince their husbands that home education is a viable option for the family. The male voice—a man speaking into another man–is largely missing in our community.   So, my husband will join me as an integral part of the newsletter.   Having him as a writing and planning partner is reason enough by itself to be ecstatic!
  • I have been blessed to connect with a number of new homeschoolers through e-mail, FB messages, etc. I want to continue with that type of connection in a way that the blog will not allow me to do (though I love blogging and plan to continue and improve).  As the number of home educating families increases, especially in the African American community, I want to be a voice, and a personal inspiration—not a paid consultant, not a marketer, but a light in what sometimes seems like darkness.

So there you have it.  The newsletter will be distributed via e-mail on a monthly basis.   There will be homeschool and/or family-related devotionals, an insider’s glimpse as to what makes our homeschool tick, sneak peeks into upcoming products, and chances to connect at other places on the web.   Is it the perfect answer to all of your questions?  No.  Are we the perfect family for such a publication?   No.   But God will close the gap between what you need and the quirkiness of what we have.

If you have bought a product from the Blessed Heritage website (not CurrClick), you will automatically receive the newsletter (simply because I already have your e-mail address).  Don’t let that pressure you, however; unsubscribing is easy.   Again, my goal is connection with those who are interested in more than a topical blog post.    If you are an occasional reader of the blog or a subscribed blog follower, you will need to sign up for the newsletter (see the upper right-hand corner of this page).  Later, this blog post will become its own page.

So, there you have it–a chance to get to know me better (lol), and more importantly, an opportunity to join with others in taking your home and your homeschool, to a new place in Christ.   I look forward to “meeting” you.

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