What do you use to learn other periods of history?

The “Our History, HIS-Story” series and the upcoming “This Far by Faith” (ready in June 2006!) are designed to give students a Christian perspective, as well as a multicultural perspective, on American history.  I have been asked what types of products are available for studying other periods of history with the same perspective in mind.


One of the goals of our church and our home is to give our children a heart for the nations.  To this end, we enjoy the products of Sonlight Curriculum, published by missionary families with missionary families in mind.  From their catalogue:'The history books present most issues of concern to conservative Christians in a positive light.  But they also note the contributions of–and injustices suffered by–Native Americans, blacks, women, the poor, and other segments of society that are too often overlooked'.    The amount of reading can be overwhelming, but they provide more than enough with the primary intent of ministering to other missionary families who are away from the United States.  If you don't complete all the reading, you will still be well-informed and well-equipped to pray for those outside of your country.


I have also heard great comments about the resources available through For Such a Time as This (www.forsuchatimeasthis.com).  I have not had the opportunity to use the products as they are designed as college preparatory materials for high school students, and my oldest is a middle schooler.   A part of their homeschooling journey was the adoption of a child of African descent (the Stobaughs are a Caucasian family, and I cannot remember if the child is African-American), and their history unit studies are presented from a multicultural perspective.


Praise God for products like these which equip our children with an awareness of the world around them and with the educational tools to be world changers.

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