White Papers from an African-American unschooling network

I found this on another loop.   I’ve not checked the nature of the white papers myself, but for those that are interested, it might be worth checking out:

Dear Homeschooling Friend:

We hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. We love this time of year! It is a wonderful time to reflect on the last year and make plans for the new one. This often includes evaluating our homeschool and asking ourselves questions such as — How is my child progressing? Is our curriculum working? Should we try something new?

This can also be the time of year that friends and family inquire about your family’s homeschool and perhaps, some are eager to begin homeschooling their own children.

African-American Unschooling is pleased to introduce a series of White Papers on topics of interest to new and experienced homeschooling families. The first in the series is How to Assess Your Child and Create a Personalized Curriculum That Exceeds State Standards.

At our introductory low price of just $2.97, this White Paper is a great value and sure to be of benefit to new homeschoolers and those who would like to homeschool. Please consider it our holiday gift to you.

Enjoy your holiday break and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Learning All the Time,

S. Courtney Walton

Coming Soon! White Papers on:

* Africentric Education — We all hear this word, but what does it really mean? What if you want your child to be equipped to compete in the real world? Will an Africentric Education limit his opportunities? This White Paper answers these questions and more!

* Single Parent Homeschooling — Read this White Paper to find out how single parents are homeschooling with success! What if you work a tight schedule and keep an even tighter budget? Learn how you can manage it all and get everything done.

* How to Introduce Homeschooling to Your Child, Spouse, Parents and Friends and Gain Their Full Cooperation (even you in-laws will want to help!) — Your inlaws are public school teachers and very active in the community. You want to homeschool, but how do you tell them their grandson won’t be going to kindergarten with the rest of his cousins? This White Paper shares key points for friends and family with both cultural and educational concerns about homeschooling.

*Free & Discount Homeschool Curricula & Resources — Want or need to homeschool on a budget? This White Paper is perfect for frugal families!

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