Feeling a Fresh Wind

11 comments is a record for me!   You guys should slow it down, I might actually think that I have something to say (smile)!


The last week or more has been busy, busy, busy.   I will probably not take the time to write down everything that it has crossed my mind to blog for time’s sake; in fact, this post may appear to ramble as I try to put in writing most of what’s been on mind as of late.

We celebrated two birthdays on this past week—my husband’s and our youngest daughter’s.    Because we’re on our way out of town—again—we didn’t plan too much for either day.   Thank the Lord that we’re not the 200+ gift type of parents; she was content with her brand new bike, a doll from her sister, and an umbrella from her brother.  My poor husband really caught a raw deal as he wound up shopping for his own gifts.  We were so busy until he had to take on several errands in order to restore some household peace.   I did get him his favorite cake, though.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time planning and praying for next school year.   Also, I have continued to educate myself on lapbooking, and I am beginning to get really excited about all the possibilities.    I can foresee rich studies in history and the arts, all compiled creatively and stored neatly.  [I’ve also got visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head, right? HA HA] After an unsuccessful attempt or two, I’m thrilled to have found a way, at least in theory, to reintroduce poetry, music, and art to our studies this year, thanks to great ideas shared by Lindafay at Higher Up and Further In and Angi at Peakmore Academy.    Even the field trips seem to be aligning themselves; I can’t wait to get up to Natural Bridge Caverns for stalactite/stalagmite studies with the oldest, and then hit the highway south to admire the bat colonies in Austin with our son, who’ll cover Apologia’s Zoology 1 this year.

This upcoming trip has me a bit anxious, which I know is unGodly.   We will attend the National Black Home Educators’ conference in Baton Rouge, LA this weekend.    As our pastor began to discuss this morning about fulfilling the spiritual components to position one’s self for a blessing, I couldn’t help but reflect upon where we are now with the business.  When we began to build A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources three years ago, I stepped into it with confidence that it was the season for something of this nature, and I felt God’s leading as strong as anything I’ve ever experienced.   People would pop into my life out of nowhere to lead me to places—how to build a website, how to increase marketing, how to network with other self publishers.   Their presence was for a season, and it took a while to get accustomed to the idea that these weren’t lifelong connections, but instead ‘angels unaware.’   Even with all of that happening, getting off the ground financially was slow, and it would have been easy to give up after operating the first couple of years “in the red”.   This year has been a season of unprecedented opportunity and exposure; again, people who write e-zines and distribute newsletters would write, “I don’t know how I came across your site, but would you be willing to…”   This upcoming venture will be our first actual conference as vendors—because of a niche market (many people think that African American history is only for African American people—go figure), we have to be selective about venues that will turn a profit for us.   I’ve had images that run the gamut of potential experiences—an administrative failure, selling out of everything, selling nothing—you name it.   So, as our pastor began to pray for those who need a breakthrough in any area, I raised my hands and began to worship.   Worship is the language of heaven, and I kid you not, I began to feel a strong breeze.   Could I have been standing under a vent?  Possibly (I never stopped to open my eyes and look up), but I believe it was more.   I see another level, a new season, a greater revelation of where we are to go next.   Though afraid, I’m stepping into it.  This is so powerful I had to share the words of our pastor from Ephesians 1: prayer is not twisting God’s arm or wearing out His ear to get him to do what you want; it is the key that unlocks the door to what is His good pleasure to already give you.  In sharing my experience, my prayer for each of you is that you’ll embrace a fresh wind as well.  Pray with me as we venture forward.

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8 thoughts on “Feeling a Fresh Wind

  1. Thank you for the kind comment! 🙂 I'm glad I helped you. I really hope and pray that you do well at the convention. Good Luck! 🙂

  2. May the Lord open the flood gates of heaven and pour out a blessing your storehouse can not contains. May He fill your mouth as your educate the ethnicly challenged and more so as you draw in the African American Family to the joys of Homeschooling. Be a beacon of Light to all you contact.
    because of Jesus, Bobbie

  3. Thank you for your comment and prayers. I still haven't heard anything from or about my husband and son. I guess I'll know how they are when I go to pick them up from the airport tomorrow.

    I will be praying for your family and business, and for discernment in business opportunities. It sounds to me like God is bringing you into a really exciting time.

    In Him,
    Andrea 🙂

  4. I haven't been to your blog in a while, just been oh so busy, but i LOVE YOUR HEADER image and your avatar!!!!

    The HS conference sounds really good. What a blessing you'll be there.

    Have a great week!

  5. Hello. I am a new homeschooler! This will be our first year. I was reading through your blog and thought perhaps you could help me. Our son is almost 10 years old and is bi-racial. (His father and I seperated when I was still pregnant). His daddy (my husband) has raised him since we started dating when he was 6 months old. (We are both caucasian). I am wanting to keep his culture alive and make sure he understands his African – American heritage. I am having problems finding good information on African Americans. I was mainly looking for some good books to read with him or possibly several good Unit Studies. Would you know of anywhere we might find any of this stuff? Thanks so much. I love reading yoru blogs!!

  6. While at the conference in Baton Rouge, say HI to Greg and Marcy Clark for us. We had them over for July 4th.


    Enjoy the trip! Maybe we'll head down next year.

  7. You go girl!
    I can't wait to hear how the conference went and how your business is being blessed.

    You'll love lapbooking! We enjoy it when we can and i have the energy for it.

    How are you going to fit in the Arts?? I'd love to know.

I'd love to hear your two cents!!