Through a Child’s Eyes: the Bullard Family Constitution

It’s all too rare, but precious, that we get to see how our homes would function if our children ruled it.   But I had this experience a few days back.   We’ve been discussing over the last week or more the writing of the Constitution–the debate and dissension, the decisions not to sign it, and the reality of what it took for these men to endure a grueling Philadelphia summer to pen our foundation as a country.   On one day, our son said, "History inspires me to do so many things."   (the necessary lead-in to get Mom curious and excited about the upcoming idea).   He then began to talk about how he got involved in the stock market after our discussion on the Great Depression.   (True, true.   So what’s up?)   "I think I’m going to write a constitution for our family, because I don’t like some things that are happening around here."    My first inclination was to stop this effort before it got started, thinking that these new family "rules" would be beyond silly.   For sure the kids would list that they could stay up as late as they wanted, allowances would be doubled, etc.   However, I went along out of curiousity, and admittedly, the ‘history being inspiring’ comment worked; I fell for it hook, line, and sinker, and only needed to be reeled in.   He got started and the oldest one jumped in, perhaps to be sure that no rules got past her.   At any rate, I was floored and thrilled at the same time.     Mom and Dad ratified their draft over the weekend (comments in italicized teal).   I tried to write it just as they penned it.



Bullard Family Constitution



Room Rules

  1. Everyone must knock on each other’s doors, especially bathroom doors.
  2. With parent permission you may move furniture.
  3. Ask before you take TV remote.
  4. Cut off lights when you leave.
  5. Leave room like you found it.
  6. Respect private time.


School Rules:

  1. Do not be annoying.
  2. If you finish early comment but don’t brag.
  3. Come ready to learn.
    1. Head is up and eyes are open
    2. Narrations occur accurately after 1 reading
    3. Questions are based on not understanding rather than not listening
    4. Work is completed in a timely fashion
    5. Bring a good attitude
  4. Respect other’s area.
  5. Ask for pencils.
  6. If 1 person is annoyed they may move.  If more, the annoyer may move.



Friends/Family Rules:

  1. Be nice to guests.
  2. Do what guests want as long as you are allowed to.
  3. Make sure their needs are met.
  4. Make sure restricted areas aren’t seen by guest unless permitted.
  5. Work out debates without parent help.
  6. Everyone takes part in cleaning.
  7. Love each other according to 1 Corinthians 13.
  8. Show each other much grace and mercy.


Car Rules:

  1. Take turns in front and 3rd rows.
  2. 2nd row may control air.
  3. Empty trash as you get out.



Kitchen Rules:

  1. If you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Feet stay on the floor.



Amendments (added by Dad):

  1. Wear your shoes when the car is outside (the garage, that is).
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11 thoughts on “Through a Child’s Eyes: the Bullard Family Constitution

  1. I love it! What well trained children. I was out of town and I may have missed your art email. Did you send it?

  2. They did a wonderful job! I would have had the same fears you did; don't you love it when your children exceed your expectations?


  3. They did a wonderful job!
    You have obviously done a marvelous job parenting them for them to come up with such a good constitution. Bravo!

    PS i love your garden pics.

  4. Thanks for visiting.
    I can say that i've learned that the NeoCounter is not totally accurate, but it's still pretty cool. I watched Amy's counter and it didn't accurately display my city or the number of times i visited her blog. Oh, well.

    I saw my cousin get run over by a truck when she was 2….she miraculously survived, but i will never forget seeing that happen. It is one of my biggest fears that i will accidentally run over one of my kids or neighbors in my big ol Suburban. I have a rear camera, but it's not perfect. Acccidents happen, unfortunately.

    We are heart-broken for Kali's family today. God had other plans for her, i just hope she is with Him.

    Have a good weekend,
    tracy/kidcraze/sahmto4ormore….the lady with too many names!

  5. I read the new rules for the house. They must have a great Father to guide them through the politcal process

    Your husband

  6. My favorite is comment don't brag!!!!
    It is so easy to see the personalities in each rule.
    I am so curious as to who the "annoyer" is …hee hee!

    Well done!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  7. What a great job! I was sitting here imagining what my brother & I would have come up with had we written one when we were kids. I can assure you it would NOT have been nearly as admirable!!!

    Just thought I'd pop in & see what's going on in your world…


  8. Stopping in from the Carnival of Homeschooling. I love this! Some of these rules are really wonderful.

    When we studied the Magna Carta, my daughter (then 7) made one of her own. She caught on to the idea that it put limits on the king and made him subject to the rule of law, so she made a few laws about what parents could do. Pretty good stuff. 🙂


  9. I love this. This is just what home schooling is all about. It's awesome when learning inspires our children to act. It's also good to see the fruit, isn't it!

    Thanks for submitting this to the COH. I posted it at my blog.


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