Happy Birthday, Halle!

 Tomorrow is the oldest’s birthday, and I saw the neatest idea for celebrating from both Karen’s and Dawn’s blogs.    It occurs to me as she gets older that when we began homeschooling, one of my goals was that our kids would be our friends as adults.    I could list things I love about her, but with this in mind, I thought to list things that I like about her, things that I can look forward in years to come with her as an adult friend.    Since she’ll be 14, I’ll try to limit myself to 14 items.


1) She loves the Lord.

2) She’s not afraid to be different and think independently of her friends.   

3) She’s very caring and nurturing (though her younger brother and sister would say she’s bossy–LOL).

4) She’s very witty and bright.

5) She has the physique I wish I had as a teenager–one lithe, long muscle with just enough curves to be dangerous.



6) She’s quite articulate and interesting to talk to.

7) Like me, if she enjoys a movie, she’ll watch it over and over again.

8) She has strong fashion sense, and loves to sew (something else we can share).

9) She has a patience with small children that most adults don’t have.  


10) She likes to keep things neat and tidy.

11) She enjoys cornmeal pancakes or baked oatmeal even more than I do.

12) We enjoy similar tastes in music, gospel and secular.

13) She’s very health-conscious and keeps the rest of us on the right track.

14)   My whole world brightens when she smiles.




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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Halle!

  1. Happy Birthday, Halle!!! She and Rachel are almost EXACTLY 2 years apart. Rachel will be 16 next Monday. I hope you guys have a wonderful day of celebration. – Karen

  2. I hope she had a great day! It's wonderful watching them turn into young women that you can share with. I know you are proud.


  3. Hi Belinda, I have been reading your latest posts, just not very talkative lately, I guess. These are wonderful things to love about your daughter. :o)
    And no, silly, I did NOT write that. I think childbirth blew out both my brains and my creativity. I <i>used</i> to have some… lol.

  4. I loved this! The pics went great with your tribute to your daughter. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

    Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up! I can't believe my oldest is already 16!

    BTW…thank you for such a nice comment on my blog. Honestly, I didn't know I needed glasses either. It turns out that things weren't supposed to look so blurry and my face was not supposed to be so close to the computer screen. After all these years… go figure. LOL

  5. I completely agree with you on trying to be friends with your teens as they become older. Of course you still have to parent but if you did your job well not as hard. Now is the time to trust what you taught and let it lead itself. It can be hard. I worked really hard in my teen relationships. Still work on it everyday . They are all so different . My 11 year old seems to be the one that is most difficult. The others never minded mom around but this one is already embarassed by mom on occasion. This is a new thing for us. Something I'll have to learn to work around. You daughter is very beautiful . Happy birthday to her..

    And to reply to you message below..
    I am so there–already bargain shopping, already planning, already making adjustments to the original schedule. Of course, I don't have to do it with a baby–congratulations. How do you manage? No wonder you need a management binder! I'll have to come back and see what tips you have to share!

    I know I have more time of this year to plan but our local convention is next weekend. I have been excited for months now. (So praying no one is sick including me so I can go. lol) I have been digging through our books and deciding what we are going to do in the next year of studies. Its always an exciting fun time for mom and the children to find out what they'd like to do. My management binder is used to house paperwork that I need to find quicky. My bible reading schedule, Chore charts, our family budget, my menu planning, Address' , internet passwords , medical, childrens activity dates and medical. I dont look at it daily but usually weekly for the menu planning. Then I post said menu on the fridge. I do have a mini black planner that is everything. Dates, times the whole nine yards. That one I cant live without. I wish I could say I remember these things on my own but cant seem to. I need the binders to keep my head on straight. lol Plus you have to remember 3 of my children at teens. Two dont live at home. The teens help with the little ones and they all have chores. 🙂 I love to organize and find new ways for it to fit our family. I should be a party planner. lol

    I will post more on my binder as I get in done. Thanks for commenting. I wasnt sure anyone was reading anymore but post for myself anyway.


  6. Oh Belinda, you and your husband are such an attractive couple! How pretty you are.
    Thanks for your sweet words at my place. I want to be personable whether online or in real life so your words meant a lot to me, thanks again.
    Okay regarding that child of yours turning 14! First of all she looks tall and I'm so happy for her but for the rest of us short people (I'm only 5'3") out here she's just making us look shorter, couldn't you put a book on her head or something!
    I can't imagine having a teenager and quite honestly I'm in denial and praying my oldest (10 years) will be half as sweet as yours. I love it that you said she's good with younger children. My kids can bicker so much and I desire that my oldest would be more nurturing to her siblings, sigh. I'm sure she will grow out of some of it, yet I feel I should be doing more. How do you build that into your children? How do you make your kids want to be kinder to one another? Shouldn't it be intrinsic to some extent?
    Sorry about all that, just thinking online.
    Enjoy her, she's gorgeous and I'm glad that she has a heart for the Lord. I'm sure that does your heart a whole lot of good :-).
    Blessings, Julie

  7. I'm so glad your daughter has so many great traits. I think we'd get along great too! Happy Birthday, Halle!


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