Gardening as Homeschool Enrichment

Normally, most people type a gardening post during early spring or summer.   But for many across the country, the weather has been such that beginner gardening might be most appropriate!   If nothing else, you can file this one and refer to it again next spring.

We began gardening after my FIL insisted that it would be a worthwhile activity for the kids to enjoy.   At the time, we couldn’t see gardening past the fact that it was one more thing to do.

Now, we recognize the full value of our not-so-little pastime, from the ability to help the kids unplug, to an opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air, to the ability to treat ourselves to flavorful, healthy foods.   The added benefit is that, as we educate ourselves more, we get better at growing something really good.

raised bed garden oct 2015 shot 1
October 2015, when we planted the garden


raised bed garden nov 2015
Raised bed garden, November 2015


raised bed garden dec 2015
Raised bed garden, December 2015


The December shot does not truly represent the growth of the garden.  We added green onions, and the strawberry plants actually survived a monstrous amount of rain and are now sprouting.  Most of all, we’ve been eating, and it’s been good!

My first introduction to gardening for children, outside of my FIL’s noble effort, was an article that discussed building hand muscles for writing excellence.   The article suggests that many times, children are asked to manipulate a pencil in ways that their hands simply are not strong enough to do.  Gardening was one of many ways to build little hand strength; who knew?

Well, I am no expert at gardening. And it does take a bit of diligence, once you get past the recent hype and glamour of backyard gardening as a movement.  I still have much to learn, so I will instead point you to other resources that might get you thinking about growing something–for the kids’ sake!

Also, because finding fresh vegetables in urban communities can be a major health issue for so many, I thought to raise awareness about this as well.  I remember only too well my years as a college student, when fresh fruit was hard to find without a car.  I graduated with a cholesterol level that should have killed me, but God had more for me to do.  Praise Him.   I share this because your venture into gardening might be an opportunity for you to bless someone else, or to reiterate to your children the value of fresh, raw foods, no matter where you live.

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