The Fall/Winter Garden: A Lesson in Self-Care

When you live in an area with this kind of heat, there are few joys in being outside during the summer months. But then the cooler months arrive, and what becomes bitter cold to many is, in the words of Goldilock’s Baby Bear, just right…for the gardener, that is. Someone posed a question as to […]

The Garden of Promise

With the click of a button and the closing of a book, our school year ended–at least for a brief time. Visions of next year are dancing in my head, but with nothing firm yet, I will perhaps update my curriculum page later. In the meantime, I would love to show you our garden’s progress. […]

Gardening as Homeschool Enrichment

Normally, most people type a gardening post during early spring or summer.   But for many across the country, the weather has been such that beginner gardening might be most appropriate!   If nothing else, you can file this one and refer to it again next spring. We began gardening after my FIL insisted that […]