Inspiring Greatness through Copywork

Why should you use copywork in your homeschool?     There are wonderful benefits to this type of activity, including, but not limited to, the following: teaches children to correct grammar and punctuation exposes children to noble thoughts gives a reluctant writer a safe place to hone his/her skills introduces children to various genres of […]

If I Would Close My Mouth…

One of the most valuable outcomes to come out of all of this STEM discussion is the amount of free, quality resources now available to encourage students in the maths and sciences.   Our daughter and I have been enjoying one such program, a project-based engineering curriculum.   As an introduction to each lesson, the authors continually […]

A Table for One (well, almost)

As I write, we have 9 days of school left.   9 days.   And as I write, it occurs to me how much different our next school year will look.   I should correct that.   It occurs to me how different our next school year is already beginning to look.   I generally spend this season planning for […]

The Un-Charlotte Mason, Charlotte Mason School Day

Worksheets. When we began homeschooling, our kids were in a private Christian school where it seemed as if their lives were captured via worksheet after worksheet.   I can remember loving their recorded progress, and saving each sheet.   Then at some point, space got tighter and the worksheets just kept coming—and coming.   By the time we […]

Spring, With All Things New

There exists statistical data that suggests a connection between weather and mental health. More specifically, these studies suggest that there are those who suffer from seasonal depression during the winter months. It is colder, generally drearier, and the weather begs for us to stay indoors—potentially isolated from those around us. If we follow this same […]