5 Great Lessons after the Exodus

I have been deliberate about making sure our children read the entire Bible after returning home from a children’s workshop in which the following statement was made: the average American who considers him/ herself a Christian has never read the entire Bible.   Not even once.  This statement put into perspective for me so much about […]

The Hunger Games: A New Classic?

According to Wikipedia, in 1920, Fannie M. Clark, a teacher at the Rozelle School in East Cleveland, Ohio, attempted to answer the question of what makes a book a classic.   She consulted a group of eighth-graders and asked the following question: “What do you understand by the classics in literature?”Answers included “classics are books your fathers give you and you keep […]

The “In Spite of” Life

  Many of us live “in spite of” lives. In fact, I believe that an “in spite of” mentality is necessary if we are to stay upon that course which we believe in our hearts is God-ordained. This is a truth that is as important to our homeschooling journey as it is in any other […]

Enjoying the Simplicity of Life

My blogging buddy Danielle (whom I have actually met in real life) posted a wonderfully profound blog entry on loving the simple in life.    It took me back to where my life has been over the last few months. I stepped away from some work this summer that was really wearing me out.   With a […]

Lord, What am I to Do?

I have a question: does anybody else ever struggle with ALL the roles that are upon you?   A couple of days ago,  the highlights of my day went like this (roles in italics): Mom got up and after piddling around with personal business for a bit, made breakfast for the kids. Housekeeper cleaned and completed […]