Our Lord of Details

I’d shared in a previous post that it’s taken me a while to get into the spirit of Christmas.   I became inundated with all of the depressing news that seemed to surround me at this time.    My uncle died.   My cousin, at 35 years young, is winning the battle, praise God,  against malignant tumors in […]

Fighting the Holiday Funk

My extended blog break–at least this time–is somewhat intentional.   I really wanted to wait until I was mentally in a better place, or at least until I could frame my thoughts differently.   But–that moment hasn’t come yet, and so I write with all the candor that is me, and all the baa-humbug that defines my mood […]

What I Learned During the Holidays

Fresh off a vacation in which computer time was extremely limited (how ’bout non-existent?), we find ourselves back at home where both laptops are awaiting repair.    Translation?  There are five people vying for the one computer that has access to the Internet.   To put it mildly, I’m learning just how plugged in my family is.   […]

1st Semester Progress Report (pt. 1)

I am not sure that I could capture well all that has happened in the last two weeks, friends, but I do hope to document the highlights over the last 1-2 weeks. After all, this blog is the chronicles of our family. The older two were drafted volunteered to help our church children’s ministry with […]

Parade Fun, and Christmas Thoughts

I mentioned in my last post that the dance center’s performance team marched in two parades this past weekend.    For most team parents, this meant getting the child to and from the parade, and (in many cases) standing on the sidelines to cheer the kid on as they performed.   For us, it also meant walking—all […]